The Comprehensive 6 inch Funko Pop List

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6″ Pop! label

6 inch Funko Pops fall into a category loosely recognized as Super Pops. These ‘super’ sized figures occur in almost every line, often with no labelling indication, so it’s a real mess trying to pin them all down. The figures that are labeled, particularly in the Pop! Marvel line will often display a red and white sticker that says ‘6″ super-sized pop!’.

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The Full 6 inch Funko Pop List

Most Valuable 6″ Funko Pops

Otherwise, keep reading for a brief but dense rundown of 6″ Pop history.

What are the Typical Funko Pop Sizes?

The typical Funko Pop! height falls in around the 4 inch mark. However, distributed across Funko lines are a wide variety of larger and smaller format figures. Take a look at this diagram from the funko official site that lines up a variety of characters on a scale of size.

Funko Official Size Chart

What was the first 6″ Funko Pop?

The first Bobblehead that Funko ever produced in 1998, under the ‘Wacky Wobbler’ line, was a Bob’s Big Boy bobblehead that measures in at around 7.75″ tall. So the 4″ format was something that evolved over time to become the standard.

However, the first 6″ Super Pops seem to have emerged around 2014. The earliest models I was able to spot are a 6″ Baymax from the Pop! Disney Hero 6 run and a 6″ Deathwing from the Pop! Games World of Warcraft run. There are likely some earlier models.

What are the Most Valuable 6″ Funko Pops?

There are a few Super Pops that have started to bring in some significant cheddar as of late. The real hot figures appear to all be members of the Pop! Animation line. In the Pop! Animation Naruto: Shippuden line, there’s a Glow-In-The-Dark Kurama at mold #97 that seems to be pushing up into the 500$ range on the secondary market.

This is a really interesting figure because production hasn’t been explicitly limited, other than it being just generally out of production, it’s just such a popular figure that the demand outstrips the supply. There’s also an older figure at #73. That figure doesn’t appear to be in such high demand, although its flocked variant can push close to the 500$ mark on Ebay as well. The weird thing there is that I’m seeing much cheaper listings on resale sites, so this seems fishy.

One of the most valuable Pops in the 6 inch funko pop list.
Pricey GITD Kurama #97

The 6″ Armored Titan at #234 in the Pop! animation line also seems to be a hot ticket, pushing up into the 200$ range rather reliably. Similarly, this looks to just be a very popular figure that was manufactured in short supply.

6″ Armored Titam

The Full 6 inch Funko Pop List

Slowly filling in more and more gaps in this list, but it stands as the most complete that I have encountered yet. Please let me know if you discover missing figures.