Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop! List

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Spider-Man has been a Pop! fixture from the early days of the Pop! Marvel line. There are currently around 109 Spider-Man based Pops, the first appearing as early as position #03, released in 2011. With the release of Spider Man: No Way Home, we got a new wave of 11 Spider-Man figures to the Pop! Marvel line. The bounty includes 4 exclusives, 2 10″ figures, and one exclusive variant. I’d say the variant is the star of this little show.

Let’s check out the line.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Lineup

#911 – Spider-Man (Black and Gold Suit)

Black and Gold Spidey

The Black and Gold suit made its debut in this iteration fo the franchise. The web slinger looks pretty slick opening this line in a classic pose.

#912 – Doctor Strange

Dr. Steven Strange

Dr. Strange plays a key role in this plot line as he guides Peter through an exploration of what can happen when you monkey with The Multiverse. Here he’s depicted wearing snow boot and holding a snow shovel after Wong left the wrong portal opened.

#913 – Spider-Man (Integrated Suit)

Integrated Spidey

Stark’s Iron Spider suit was torn up a bit by Doc Ock but Peter reclaims whats left and integrates it with his own suit making for a best of both worlds homemade nanotech integration.

#921 – Spider-Man (Black and Gold Suit) 10″

10″ Black and Gold

The Target exclusive jumbo version of the line-leading #911.

#923 – Spider-Man (Upgraded Suit)

Upgraded Spidey

#924 – MJ

Michelle Jones-Watson

Your Holland Spider-Man needs a Zendaya to keep it company.

#925 – Ned


In typical nerd fashion, I have a tough time separating the newer movies from the Spider-Man of the 90’s comic books of my youth. Ned is one element of the modern story that’s a clear improvement on the Spidey I know, not to mention the character from the comic books that he’s based on. My Spidey never really had any real good buds, just MJ and those weird Seinfeld-esque leather jackets.

#978 – Spider-Man Integrated Suit 10″

10″ Integrated Spidey

A Walmart exclusive 10″ of the nanotech integrated #913. If Target gets a jumbo, Walmart needs one too.

#1073 – Spider-Man (Unmasked Black and Gold Suit)

AAA Anime Exclusive

The black and gold returns as an exclusive to AAA Anime. This time he’s unmasked and in a different pose. I appreciate the unmasked version, considering that the plot revolves around Spidey navigating a world where his identity is exposed. There’s an awesome limited edition variant of this figure I’ll dig into further down.

#1123 – Statue of Liberty

Gold Statue of Liberty

This was a limited edition 2022 New York Comic Con exclusive. There was a lot of stuff released as con exclusives this year, crossing various lines and sub-series.

Are there any Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop! variants?

You gotta have at least one variant, right? And this one does not disappoint.

With the AAA Anime exclusive Unmasked Spider-Man Black Suit, comes a randomly distributed Glow Chase. This is a masked version with glow-in-the-dark eyes. So if you order the exclusive from Entertainment Earth, there’s a chance you’ll wind up with the Glow Chase.

The black and gold suit got a lot of hype going into the film release. I know when I first heard about it in passing, I assumed a venom tie-in. Nope, turns out Spidey had to turn his suit inside out after it got some paint spilled on it. Doesn’t hurt the appeal of the black and gold suit Funkos IMHO.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Unmasked Spider-Man Black Suit Pop! Vinyl Figure - AAA Anime Exclusive

I love the pose here too. This figure at #1073 is a lot more animated than the #911 Black and Gold Suit version. And I further love the possibility of ending up with the limited edition glow chase.