Shang Chi Funko Pop List

Shang Chi is an iconic character and his entrance into the filmic MCU was well deserved.

A little Shang-Chi history

The character first appeared in Special Marvel Edition issue #15.

The Shang-Chi Funko Pop! Line

As a subset of the greater Marvel lineup (one of the most extensive Funko Pop! series), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings occupies 13 different mold numbers, all released in 2021. Walmart, Target, and Gamestop each received one exclusive figure. The series includes 3 different depictions of the lead character, Shang-Chi, 2 depictions each of Xialing, Wenwu and Katy, and 1 depiction each of Jiang Li, Razor Fist, Death Dealer and The Great Protector. Let’s take a closer look at each depiction. All figures are bobbleheads.

843 – Shang-Chi Kicking

I’d have to take this as my favorite depiction of the legend himself. The hair is slick, the kick is swift, and the head is a bobbling. I’m kinda digging 843. Get a better view in the unboxing video embedded below.

844 – Shang-Chi (With Bow Staff)

The bow staff does represent and iconic moment in the movie. Again with the bobblehead.

845 – Katy

846 – Xialing

847 – Wenwu

848 – Jiang Li

849 – Razor Fist

850 – The Great Protector 6″

I can see why The Great Protector is emerging as the most popular of the set. Other than some Shang-Chi figures signed by Simu Liu, and of course the red variant #843 mentined

851 – Wenwu (Walmart Exclusive)

852 – Katy with Fire Extinguisher (Target Exclusive)

853 – Death Dealer (GameStop Exclusive)

879 – Shang-Chi (Marvel Collector Corps)

880 – Xialing (Marvel Collector Corps)

Shang-Chi Funko Pop! Variants

There is a red variant of the Shang-Chi Kicking #843 Pop. This special was offered as a Hall H exclusive at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con. Only 500 were produced, so this variant is tough to come by and can fetch some serious dough on the secondary market.


A quick unboxing of 4 of the more popular characters.