Miles Morales Funko Comic Cover

Miles Morales, the Character

Miles was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and illustrator Sara Pichelli. The character debuted in the 4th issue of the limited run of the Ultimate Fallout series, published in August of 2011. The series examines the alternate realities of the Marvel Universe. In the world of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the main timeline (Peter Parker) dies at the hands of the Green Goblin, leaving Miles to assume the ‘responsibility’ of Spider-Man.

With the growing importance of the multiverse in the MCU and the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018, Miles Morales has become one of the key characters of the modern era. Aside from being quite obviously one of the best Marvel-derived animation works ever created Spider-Verse is also well regarded as one of the best comic-based films ever created.

On a personal note, I’d go a step further to say that Miles is easily my favorite screen version of Spider-Man. The 90’s brought about a version of Peter Parker nearing middle age. This character never really left the comic books. That is, my Peter Parker, the Spider-Man as I most appreciated him, was never really portrayed on screen until Enter the Spider-Verse. Even that depiction barely does him justice. But the show was definitely stolen by Miles either way.

Point is, this character is gonna be around. To a generation moving forward, Miles Morales quite simply is Spider-Man. Not to mention the distinct possibility that he will be appearing in future features. I don’t see why you wouldn’t ultimately attempt to pull him and probably Spider-Gwen into the films. These are super popular and engaging characters for younger generations.

The Pop! Comic Covers Collection

This Miles Morales Funko Pop! is a member of the Pop! Comic Covers line. This is an awesome series for crossover comic book and Pop! collectors. The line is still quite active, being rolled out in chunks. The series features a selection of iconic comic book covers, framed as the backing in a protective case, and containing Pop! characters corresponding to the given cover. Take a look at a running list of the series releases here.

This line is divided by comic distributor with Marvel and DC getting individual numbering. There’s also separate numbering for the Star Wars comics even though they fall under Marvel. Plus, there’s a Stan Lee figure in this line that doesn’t really have comic cover? I dunno, go figure.

Pop! Comic Covers Marvel #15

Miles is depicted in position #15 of the Marvel line, mask in hand, standing in front of the cover of his debut issue. There appears to be a glow-in-the-dark element to this Funko, but I have not verified. The figure was unveiled and offered for presale on July 15th, 2022 as a Target Exclusive. There are already listings on second-hand retailers, but I can’t find any pics of this Pop! in the wild. I’ll keep a look out and post updates on Twitter.