Complete Deadpool Funko Pop List

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Here we cover the entire Deadpool Funko Pop list, digging deep into every Pop! we could tie back to the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool maintains a hefty presence in the Marvel Pop! line, up there with Spider-Man and Venom in # of appearances. And he’s a great character for the Funko universe. The sarcasm, the goofiness, and the fact that he’s effectively slid his way across basically every Marvel sub-universe at some point. Even Spidey never really managed to fit into X-plots without feeling a little awkward.

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Deadpool, the Character

Deadpool was created by writer Fabien Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld around 1990. Liefeld generated the visual design while Nicieza developed the character, speech and mannerisms. The first comic appearance of Deadpool would be The New Mutants #98 from Feb. 1991, probably the most coveted issue of The New Mutants line. Upon noting Deadpool’s similarity to Deathstroke of the Teen Titans comics, Nicieza gave him the street name, Wade Wilson, as a nod to DC’s Deathstroke, who’s street name is Slade Wilson.

With the popularity of Wolverine and Spider-Man titles at the time, Liefeld incorporated aspects of those characters into Cable and Deadpool, characters that he could more freely introduce into The New Mutants. Wolverine was certainly tied-in with Deadpool’s original origin story as another product of Weapon X experiments. Liefeld also cites G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes as a key inspiration for Deadpool. You can see the similarity.

Snake Eyes and Deadpool

Deadpool would ultimately become one of the most popular character creations of the 90’s. He received his first solo title in penned by. And of course in 2009 Ryan Reynolds was tagged to bring the character to the screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), his signature Sarcasm being a perfect fit for the character who had become known for his outlandishly sarcastic banter (the Merc with a Mouth as he’s often known). The Reynolds portrayed character was spun off for a solo title and a sequel in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The Initial Deadpool Funko Pop List Release

One of the rarest figures on the deadpool funko pop list, metallic deadpool #20
Metallic Deadpool

The earliest Deadpool appearance in the Marvel Deadpool Funko Pop list was in 2012 at position #20. This original Deadpool model was ultimately released in 9 total variants, the rarest (with only 480 in existence) being a metallic exclusive to the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.

Unmasked Deadpool at Marvel Pop! #29 wasn’t too far behind in 2013. This mold was a PX Previews exclusive, which means it’s distributed through Diamond Distributors and generally a comic shop exclusive. This figure came in 2 versions, the standard red Deadpool, as well as the X-Force gray suite Deadpool.

Following this early drip of Deadpool figures, there were 2 more drops before the release of the first film in 2016.

San Diego Comic Con saw an exclusive limited release in 2014 of a Freddy Funko Deadpool figure, offered in 3 different colors. The largest run in red was limited to 300 pieces. Both an orange and gray run were limited to 24 pieces each. Considering that the red version can approach 1,000$ reliably on the secondary market, the orange and gray versions are double that.

2015 saw the first appearance at #10 in the Pop! Rides line with Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck. In addition to the standard yellow truck, there are two color variants. A gray version hit the San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive that year. Rarer still, a red version went as an exclusive to the New York Comic Con with a limited run of 3000 pieces. Interestingly, on Ebay the price spread between these variants is pretty minimal.

The Second Wave of Deadpool Funkos

It wasn’t until 2016 that we saw the nest addition to the Deadpool Funko Pop list. Pop! Marvel #’s 111-117 featured 7 different depictions of the regenerating degenerate. This run includes 4 color variants and 6 exclusives, with 3 overlapping as exclusive color variants.

Skip a few to #123 of the Marvel line to find a leaping Deadpool as a Marvel Collector Corps exclusive.

And then you get to the Mercs for Money run.

Mercs for Money Funko Pops

Pulling directly from the comics, the Marvel Pop! line also released the full set of characters introduced in Deadpool’s Mercs for Hire plot line in 2016.

Upon discovering that a competing mercenary called Solo had been impersonating him in order to up his asking price, Deadpool decides to assemble a team of mercenaries, calling the team Heroes for Hire and patterning their uniforms after his own. Luke Cage, having already operated a team under the moniker, issues a cease and desist, forcing the team to change their name to Mercs for Money. Domino would later take over as head of the team, rotating in a fresh crew of mercenaries.

Funko brings the original members of the team to vinyl life in 2016 at Pop! Marvel slots #141-143 and #156-#158. A suit and tie Deadpool slides in between at #145. I don’t think there’s any relevance there to the Merc line but please correct me if I’m wrong.

#141 – Foolkiller
Foolkiller Mercs for Money Funko
#142 – Solo
Solo Mercs for Money Funko
#143 – Terror
Terror Mercs for Money Funko
#156 – Stingray
Stingray Mercs for Money Funko
#157 – Slapstick
Slapstick Mercs for Money Funko
#158 – Madcap
Madcap Mercs for Money Funko

There was a trickle of Deadpool figures in 2016 and 217 after the Mercs for Money flood. This included 4 versions of Gwenpool holding line positions #164, #197, #213 and #232. After the Spider-Gwen introduction to the Spider-Verse in 2015, Marvel played around with a number of Gwen crossover characters, including Gwenpool (AKA Pink Slayer). After her initial appearance on a variant cover of Deadpool’s Secret Wars #2, she’s gone on to appear and star in a number of comic series.

Deadpool the Duck also came out during this time period as a Walmart exclusive at #230 as well as Deadpool/Venom as a Pop in a Box exclusive at #237.

The Third Wave for the Deadpool Funko Pop List

In May of 2018 Deadpool 2 hit theaters and Pop! Marvel jumped into the promotional fray. The film features both Cable and Domino as supporting characters. Spots #314 and #315 feature Cable and Domino respectively under the Deadpool sub label in the Marvel line, launching the 3rd wave of the Deadpool Funko Pop list into.

Cable and Domino Funko Pops

While Pop! Marvel #316 and #317 are labeled in the X-Men sub-series, the 2 characters depicted there (Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus) both appear in Deadpool 2, suggesting that their appearance in the middle of this Deadpool run is more than just a coincidence.

Negasonic and Colossus Funkos

#318 is the Deadpool vs. Cable Comic Moment, depicting a clash between Cable and Deadpool that occurs in the film.

But the remaining onslaught of 2018 Deadpool releases, covering 12 spots from #318-#330 bare little relevance to the film. However, they do mark the beginnings of the cosplay Deadpool Pops where the character is depicted in increasingly ridiculous getups. This is a vibe that fits well with the characters cartoonish nature.

This run includes, in order of appearance: Bob Ross Deadpool, Reclining Deadpool, Mermaid Deadpool, Clown Deadpool, Chicken Deadpool, Wizard Deadpool, Cheerleader Deadpool, King Deadpool, Bedtime Deadpool, Padapool, Samurai Deadpool and Venompool. Venompool also appeared in the Pop! Games line in 2 variations, one holding a phone. There’s a significant chunk of exclusives and variants in this mix and several can catch significant multiples on retail price on the secondary market.

The most notable variant in the Deadpool Funko Pop list is the Cheerleader Deadpool in pink glitter. This figure had a limited production run of 1000 and was offered at the San Diego Comic Con in 2018. Owing to its rarity, this figure tends to float around the 400$ mark.

In the same vein as the main #318-#330 flood, Deadpool with Chimichanga and Christmas Deadpool also dropped in 2018 at #349 and #400 respectively. Neither looks to occur in variants, but Chimichanga Deadpool is a 7-11 exclusive.

Pop! Rides though saw 2 Deadpool additions that year. At #36 we see Deadpool on a Unicorn and at #48, Deadpool on a Scooter. Both of these are directly tied to Deadpool 2. One of the trailers for the film shows Deadpool riding a unicorn. The film itself features a chase scene where Deadpool rides a red scooter.

We return to the slow trickle of Deadpool figures throughout 2019 and 2020, mostly subtle iterations: Wade Wilson Weapon XI (Summer Convention Exclusive), Deadpool (Supper Hero), Gamer Deadpool, Lady Deadpool (A character from a future Marvel universe), a First Appearance Deadpool under the Marvel 80th Anniversary series, Deadpool French Maid, a 6″ King Deadpool, and a bunch of 10″ Deadpool figures that were mostly Walmart exclusives.

This stretch also saw both the Marvel Zombies and Marvel Lucha Libre sub series. Deadpool made it into both, 3 in the zombie series. He appeared as El Chimichanga De La Muerte in the lucha series. And in the zombie series, there’s both a regular and 10″ Zombie Deadpool as well as a Deadpool with Headpool, where he’s depicted holding Headpool, a character from the Marvel Zombies Universe.

The Fourth Wave of the Deadpool Funko Pop List

2021 saw the second longest contiguous run in the Deadpool Funko Pop list, covering 12 spots from #774-#786 in the Pop! Marvel line. Again, this run is made up of the cosplay-style iterations we’ve grown accustomed to: Backyard Griller Deadpool, Barista Deadpool, Deadpool in a Cake, Dinopool, Flamenco Deadpool, Roman Senator Deadpool, Larper Deadpool, Construction Worker Deadpool, Ballerina Deadpool, Birthday Glasses Deadpool, Sherlock Deadpool, Ninja Deadpool, and Nerd Deadpool.

Separated numerically from the main run, but also in 2021: Blacklight Deadpool, Artist Deadpool, Lazy River Deadpool, Paintball Deadpool, and Safari Deadpool.

Additionally during this time period, Sheriff Deadpool on a Horsey hit the Pop! Rides line, and a 4-pack including Deadpool in Cake, Dinopool, Flamenco Deadpool and Roman Senator Deadpool.

Most Valuable Deadpool Funkos

1/24 SDCC Freddy Funko Deadpool (Orange)

Certainly the Freddy Funko Deadpool figures are the most notable in the Deadpool Funko pop list. These are certainly interesting to both Freddy and Deadpool collectors, and extremely rare. These were all released to San Diego Comic Con attendees in 2014. 300 of these were produced in red while only 24 each were produced in orange and gray. Technically, the orange and gray Freddy Funko Deadpool’s are the rarest Deadpool Funko Pop in existence.

And the initial Deadpool #20 had a metallic variant with a production run of only 480 that was exclusive to SDCC in 2012. While the run is a little larger than the 2014 Freddy Deadpool run, its earlier dating and position as the first Deadpool Funko mold can push its value up and beyond at least the red Freddy.

The pink glitter variant of Cheerleader Deadpool was again a SDCC exclusive, released for the 2018 show. Production was limited to 1000 pieces, so it’s the most recent and numerous of these SDCC exclusives. It can still climb into the $300-$400 range pretty easily.

Beyond that, there are host of figures in this category that can reach multiples at least of their initial retail price. Most of these are in the in the earlier runs. Some of the goofy cosplay figures from that first wave can float around the $30-$40 range. And the Marvel Pop! #20 variants can get pretty hot, but it can be difficult to tell which ones. You can still find the main red version or the blue and yellow one below retail. You always have to watch out because one inflated sale on Ebay can really confuse the entire market.

Upcoming Releases: Deadpool 3

September 2022 saw the announcement of a 3rd film in the Deadpool franchise, slated to release in November of 2024. And the big teaser? Hugh Jackman is tapped to play Wolverine. And this 3rd iteration will mark the debut to the MCU proper of both characters, the first 2 Deadpool movies as well as all of the Jackman Wolverine appearances having been products of Fox.

Most definitely this will invite some solid additions to the Deadpool Funko Pop List in 2024.

The Definitive Deadpool Funko Pop List


The Deadpool Funko Pop list is one of the more beloved lines in the pop world. There are plenty of collectors who have made it their mission to collect these pops exclusively. And it’s certainly a task. some of these are quite hard to come by.

Keep your eye out for the metallic figures especially. In the Deadpool, the metallic figures tend to be the ones that were produced in a quantity high enough that they were in the open market, but they carry the demand and the rarity to make them valuable pieces.

Hope you’ve found some useful info in here and I encourage you to reach out if you think there’s anything that should be added to the list or amended, or if you just wanna share your thoughts on this Deadpool Funko Pop list.